Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta

"Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta" Image credit : www.madman.com.au

“Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta” Image credit : http://www.madman.com.au

In this week blog post, I mainly discussed about the key things that I found interesting in this documentary film “Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta” which directed by Sue Clothier and Craig Grahman. It is a documentary that shows the untold story of how Vietnamese community overcomes the unfamiliar place. This is an interesting documentary film that shows what actually happen in Cabramatta. It showing the real stories and the challenges that Vietnamese has been thru when living in Cabramatta. Besides, the racism, poverty, family dysfunction and crime are kindly presented in this documentary as well.  (Alstin, 2012)

Refugees from Vietnam . Image credit : http://www.couriermail.com.au


Customs Officer Frank Dalton holding a Vietnamese refugee child. Image credit : http://www.migrationheritage.nsw.gov.au

From this documentary, we clearly understand the Vietnamese has escaped their home country by boats during the Vietnam War. Because of the communist has take over and control the whole Vietnam, therefore many people are decide to leave the country. In 1970s, many Vietnamese become a refugees who came all the way illegally. As we all knew that, no one wanted to be a refugee unless there are only a chance to survive and life better. It is because refugees is a group of person who don’t know what are the challenge and risk that waiting for them to face it. Their destiny is a life-death decision. They can’t control their own life because everything is controlled by the others who have more power and decide who and what they going to be. Basically, refugees are mainly relying on the sympathy of the country that provides them an opportunity to live.  This is why, as it explained in the video by Hien Le- Vice President of Vietnamese Community in Australia, we clearly understand that this is the biggest history for the Vietnamese to make such decision.

 The Vietnamese choose to live in Australia because it was so different compared to their country. They bring high hopes because they believe Australia is amazing place that helps their children has a better life and bright future. The Vietnamese parents are willing to do and work even harder just to make sure their children are live happily. However, this doesn’t seem happen because of multiculturalism. The Australia believed that different culture can live side by side, but it actually not. The consequence of multiculturalism has causing trouble from a clean country turn into darkness. The Vietnamese seem unimaginable the hopes has destroy.

Tony from "Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta" Image credit : www.madman.com.au

Tony from “Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta”
Image credit : http://www.madman.com.au

From this documentary, it clearly shows that the peer pressure and the different culture are the main reason for having this issue happen. For example in the case from Tony –one of the responses who born and lived in Australia, he mentioned that he feel frustrated when he couldn’t share his happiness and sadness to his family because of language barrier. Tony can speak fluent in English but not the Vietnamese. In addition, the Vietnamese parents are working hard for their job and will never around with their children. The Vietnam kids are not growth up like the normal living which always has the parents with them whenever their needs. This is the reason why, the kids are getting involved with the criminal –drugs and violence.

“The drug are divided the family…”

5T gang – it is a criminal gang in the Vietnamese community which heavily involved in crime. The media in Australia has portrayed 5T as those teenagers from broken home and without parents. But the real meaning behind 5T is all about a group of young age peoples without true love from the family. This group of peoples has started to make attention to the people around in Australia. They joined up with the other gang to sell drugs in all around the place. Besides, this Vietnamese groups were also involved in murder, robbery and gambling as well.

With those temptations and the greed, the youngster started to change and deal for drugs. It is because selling drugs can make money easy which they think it can lead them having future. But for their parents this makes them feel pain and regret. The bright future of their children is totally ruined up because of drugs. They don’t want to see their own child has doing all the bad things.  The Vietnamese parents looking many ways just want to make their child turn clean. It is because they want their children has a better life in future, and not to having the same experience and the past as they have.

In conclusion, form my understanding in this documentary, I’m pretty sure many people including me and you might thinking those refugees who has the opportunity to live in others country is always the nice thing for them. But after watching all the three parts of this documentary, it proves that not all the refugees are lucky one who doesn’t need to be worry about the future.

 In this documentary, we understand the problem of multicultural is getting serious and given an unexpected consequences to the Vietnamese. Because dealing with different culture, it causes a big problem not only for the Vietnamese but the Australian as well. The Vietnamese was trying adapting themselves in the Australia culture, because they wanted to be one to be a part of the country and just to be equal as anybody else. They want to live in Australia without thinking to going back. Because of the lack of communication and the racism in the country, it makes the Vietnamese treat unequally. And, there’s how the criminal issue has become increase.

We clearly understand, many refugees left their home country to another because of the economic reason. But some of the Vietnamese are actually seeking for the better life especially for their children and kids. But, it deeply failed for them to achieve this. Everything seems different to them. The children are starting to involved crime, drugs and others bad things. And, this is not what the Vietnamese parent’s wanted.

From this, we clearly understand most of the media are quickly to portray the refugees are doing the bad thing. The media untold us the truth stories behind. From this documentary, I am so glad the Vietnamese can be spoken up for their right, telling the truth and what are the actual things that have been involved in Cabramatta. Although it is a sad case to be happen, but they don’t feel angry, complaint and blame anyone. But from the explaining and the sharing of the stories, I can feel how disappointment and hard life for the Vietnamese. I learnt a lot from this documentary. I understand the difficulties for the refugees to live in a new place.

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Asylum Seekers

To be honest, the issue of asylum seekers is getting serious and highly topical in everywhere around the world.  As you can seen in our country –Malaysia, there are many asylum seekers and refugees that can be found in everywhere around the corner. Somehow, we may surprise is this the country where we live. It is because the “foreigner” who came all the way from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and etc are always surrounding all of us. This is one of the reasons why; the tourists who visit Malaysia might feel surprise and shock because they can’t differentiate who is the Malaysian and who are not.

So what is the meaning of asylum seekers?

Based on my own understanding, asylum seekers refer to those who escape and move across the borders from their home country to others places whether they arrive by boats, plane, or others illegal immigrant. They are the person who fled their own country where the actual place they belong to and search of protection. They are the peoples who arrive and live in a country without any appropriate documents, visas and passport. These groups of peoples are actually arrive illegally to a country, and held in detention whenever they were being caught by the police.

download (1)
Image credit : www.popsugar.com.au

In the SBS and Cordell Jigsaw Productions, it was a television documentary shows named “Go back to where you come from” which hosted by David Corlett and together with the six brave Australians. The six Australians are turning themselves and experience as asylum seekers who has no identity, passport, wallets, phones, and official protection from the government. They need to seek for survive and safety from their own. They experience immigration raids in Malaysia, Kenya and Iraq. (Song,2013)  By after watching one of the episodes from this program in the first series, it totally amazed me a lot. It changed my view about asylum seekers. This is a brilliant piece that was surprising me all the time. Although it might be uncomfortable to everyone because it showing how cruel and challenge in the real situation, but in this program it raises questions of morality and illegality.

In this short video clips above, this is the crueler thing that I seen it happen in Malaysia. This video is making me so upset and feels pity to the asylum seekers. Although I am Malaysian, but the way the policeman treat the asylum seeker is so wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I was not trying to say it was not right to do that. But this is the most heartbreak moments whenever I watching It again and again.

As we all knew the fact that, the way media that reporting on this issue are the key influence us the way we look them differently. But, no matter how kindly we are the value of stereotyping and racist are still causing us to perceive them in different way. It is because the media and the government are characterizing them in false beliefs. Most of the people believe they are dishonest, and the one always under crime issue. But, is this truth? Why they came in to other country?
This is the tough questions, with no answer.

In my opinion, in law they are the person with no rights and seriously need to be punish because of the illegally sneak in to others country. But are they the one who deserve to be treated as this? As one of the response from “Go back to where you come from”, he stated that the asylum seeker that being caught by the Malaysia policeman has beaten them hardly and treat them like no one. Based on this, we understand the darkness of asylum seekers.

Well, every one of us has our own family and friends. We have our own reason to survive and live better. It same goes to the asylum seekers as well. The main reason for them to decide to be asylum seekers is not easy but because of the money they are willing to live in an unfamiliar country without family and friends. They just to want make sure the money they earn can help their family members are not in danger and live better. They sacrifice themselves for living in their country and take risk all the way here. They also are willing to work in low pay because this is the golden opportunity for them to earn more money.

By discuss in this situation, for me the both parties – government and asylum seeker are done wrong. The government should not open the gate and allowed them to work in our country. If really do, I think everyone of us including me and you should not threaten them differently. We should not look down on them because of who they are. Although everyone of us are live in different background, but we should appreciate what they do for us. Look at the positive side, the tall buildings are mainly built by the asylum seekers. They are the one who more hardworking than us although their pay is lower than us. But, without having them I’m sure there’s no one willing to work for it. Therefore, how we perceived this issue is based on the attitude and behavior that we have. We should always have our own judgment to differentiate what’s right and wrong.

Lastly, I want to share one of the project that did from Coca-Cola Singapore which showing how they appreciate the workforce from the workers.

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Television are still important



Image credit :rockerhuffy.hubpages.com

A quick look at the world today, everything started to be changed. The world is getting smaller because of the globalization and the emergence of modern technology. Whenever we like it or not the phenomenon of globalization means a lot to us, it highly takes place and influences in our daily life that we never ever noticed how impactful of this. In my own words although we are living in the different nation across the world, globalization is all about linked every one of us to interact, integrate, share information, recognize and practice together. It also helps all the peoples around the world keep in touch easily.

By looking at what we have today, although there are rise of new media but the old media such as television are still one of the important medium that greatest influence all of us. (Tay & Turner, 2008) It is not only informing us about how the world should be and what’s happening around the world, but it also providing a wide range of films, dramas, and variety shows. (Mitu, 2011) Television also indented to entertainment the audience as well.

In addition, televisions today are no longer just providing the local television program to the audience. However, what we watched in the television today are mostly import the content program from others countries. For example, we able to watch Korean dramas, Live sports competition and others television program easily as long as we owned a television at home. Well, based on this it clearly shows that globalization makes all of us listening to the same music, watching the same dramas and movie no matter where we live. Every one of us has the same behavior pattern because of the same content and what we explored on the media. This is why television can be the powerful medium that helps spreading the different culture that influences us.


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12 Years a Slave

In this week’s topic, it was so interesting to discuss and understand about what are the people’s perceptions on different races. Besides that, it also given a clearly understand how the community being represented. Because of this is a sensitive topic to be further discuss, at here I need to declare that what has been posted or mentioned below was based on my own point of views and thoughts, there’s no offensive. So, let’s start off the topic today –“Race, Ethnicity and the Media”.


Image credit : http://www.moviehdwallpapers.com/

I just finished “12 Years of Slave” –the movies that based on true story that showing Solomon Northup a free man who kidnapped and sold into slavery. This is one of the eye-opening movie that I watched so far, it allows me deeply understand and feel the cruelty side of slave trade. To be honest, by watching the first ten minutes from the movie I feel so sad and disappointed to see what’s really happen in the past. From this movie, it was really touched my heart deep inside. The strong and realistic scenes that showing in the movie was totally amazed and inspired me, it makes me felt so real like I was the one who be involved. Besides that, this movie was also given me a great lesson to understand how serious of the inequality between white peoples and black people in the back then. It shows that the white peoples are more superior compare to the black people. They believe the black peoples are born to be slave and they has the right to be treated them harshly.


Image credit : http://www.moviehdwallpapers.com/

“If you want to survive, do and say as little as possible. Tell no one who really are and tell no one that you can read and write. Unless you want to be a dead nigger.” –Clemens ( one of the slave) tells Solomon Northup. Based on this conversation, it prove that those who being sold into slavery has no right to stand up for themselves. The way to survive is just keep the head down and do as much as possible, and speak at least as possible. The responsible for them is just doing whatever the instruction from the owner without any complaint.

Furthermore, in this movie it also is showing the painful, sufferings and torturing that happen for the slave. The most memorable part that I have seen in this movie is when the black peoples has dragged in chains and beating hardly until they are bleeding. Besides, Solomon Northup hung from a tree by the white peoples is the most shock me as well. From this scene, you can clearly found out there’s no one willing to give a hand and helps him out although they having the same race and skin colour as well. Solomon Northup’s toes barely touching the ground helps to keep him alive. From this scene, the struggle helpless is so uncomfortable to be seen.  I understand that the white peoples are incredibly powerful in the back then, there’s no one dares to mess around with.



Image credit : http://www.moviehdwallpapers.com/

On the other hand, this movie also showing the darkness side of slave women. The slave woman has high risk of facing for rape and sexual abuse. The white men have taken advantage of the slave women. Just like what has been shown in the movie, Patsey one of the slave eventually raped by the Edwin Epps. In addition, the behalf of Edwin Epps –Mistress Epps is one of the evilness that beats Patsey because she is the one that her husband’s wandering eye and obsessed with. From this movie, it shows the despicable actions from Mistress Epps treating Patsey she throwing the glass, scratches Patsey’s face, and asking Edwin Epps to whippings her until she seen blood from the body. Based on this action, it understand not only the racism can be affected the people’s behavior of treating the others race, but the jealousy can be affected and makes them behave in this actions as well.

Well, from this movie it shows the shocking reality of what black peoples has went through in the past. Although the truth is ugly to know about how suffer and what has really happen in the slave trade, but this movie was education the viewers as well. After watching this movie, I have a deep thought on it. Although I am not one of the race has been describe in this movie, but I’m pretty sure it has the same history in every country as well.

By looking at the surrounding today, we already knew about racism is the serious issue, but non one of us has actually take part and be responsible to solve it. Racism getting worse and serious is because the human being. As Glasgow (2009) did mentioned stereotypes are one of the major reason cause individual have racist behavior. Stereotypes can be happen to anyone of us when we dealing with others group of peoples. It is a view from an individual who give wrong judgment and placing people into categories. (Mooij, 2005)  And this is how racism begins to happen. From the movie that I mentioned above, the white people has judge the black people and fixed them born to be slave. This action and mind thinking are so wrong to be happening.  Because of this, the attitudes and stereotypes that surrounded is still pervade in our society today. So, by solving this problem we have to treat everyone equally, understand each other’s race and culture behavior. Therefore, that’s how everyone of us in different race can live in harmony.


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Gender and the Media

As we all already knew the facts that media is one of the most powerful and pervasive that shaping people’s perspectives, attitudes, values and behavior. No doubts, it is the important roles to influence our mindset on how we view a man and women. It plays significant roles that provide an understanding to the viewers about the gender roles that play in the real world. (Morawitz & Mastro, 2008)

Look at what has been shown in the mass media today, we shocked that most of the media especially in advertising are negative portrayal of women. It used the woman’s body to shows the masses but not showing how intelligence and leadership women can be. Besides that, media are also conducted our mindset about the ideal of beauty. (Goodall, 2012)Those who have fair skin, nice body, and slim are the one can be known as pretty otherwise it was not. But, does it really right to portray that? For me, I strongly not agree. It is because it given negative impacts especially for us especially the young girls’ lack of self-confidence on who they are.

On the other hand, it’s not only the advertising media has negatively representation of women in the media. Surprisingly, Disney films are one of the best examples that clearly demonstrate and portray in the gender roles as well.


Photo credit : disneyandmovies.pbworks.com

When we were little kids, I’m pretty sure many of us grew up by watching Disney films. Disney is one of the largest companies that give us a good childhood memories. Because of the fairy tales stories and the gender representation in the characters, it influences the children to think in a certain way. The Disney Princess is a role model of children, this is why everyone has a dream and hopes for becoming a Disney Princess. The fairy tales stories that shown in the film are allow us to imagine and fantasize ourselves into the characters. However with so much exposure to the Disney films, somehow the messages that showing in the films might mislead and misinformed us.

In the early age, Disney was tend to portray women must be soft, weak, and wait for a man to love. This phenomenon mainly can be found in the earlier films that release in Disney such as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” and “Cinderella”.  In the films “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” which was made in 1937 has given an idea that love is “easy”.  In this whole film, it does not show the process of falling in love. The Snow White manages to wake up and be in love with the prince after her prince awoke her with a true love kisses and they live happily at the end. (Sawyer,2013) In addition, it also portrays that woman should take care of the house without complaint at all. In the film “Cinderella”, it shows that Cinderella was doing her domestic tasks such as cleaning, washing without any complaint. She unable to stand up for herself when the time her stepmother is bully and scold her. (Dawn, Lara & Melissa, 2011)

Based on this, given a wrong message has become a serious issue especially in the children’s media. Children are always known as the active learners, they imitative on what the media has been shown. Because of the information in the media has affects and could be persuaded the perception of the children. (Wood, 1994)This is why, comparing to the past and the Disney films today it definitely show the changes. We’ve noticed that the female character in Disney film has no longer being portrayed as the feminist side but added up some of the masculine characteristic as well such as “Pocahantas”, “Mulan” is the most obvious films that have been portrayed the women independence.

Besides that, the latest film “Frozen” are also one of the examples as well. This film is one of the interesting and good films that I ever seen. It is because the story plot is so different compare to others. Based on this film, we clearly knew that Disney has tried on something new to portray the characters in the film. Why I said so? Comparing with the earlier films that release, the story is basically all about the romance and fantasy but in this film it shows differently. The whole story was focusing about the sisterly love and how Princess Anna has save Princess Elsa and rescued the kiss from the love one.

Hans Reveal Frozen Comic

comic anna sacrifice

Photo credit : www.whataboutcynics.com

Furthermore, in this film it also shows that the perfectly prince charming has become more layered. In Frozen, Princess Anna believes her true love –Prince Hans is the only one can save her from death. But, unfortunately the male character has portray differently compare to the pass. There’s no longer show how protective a Prince must be. (Dalfonzo, 2013)  In this film, Prince Hans has become the bad guy characters and betrayed of Anna. Because of his greed on wealth and power, he ended up become a killer and tried to kill Princess Elsa.

Well based on all this explanation and examples given, obviously every one of us has a clear picture on the impact of media as well as the changes in Disney. Based on my own opinion, I think it was a good kick-start for Disney to showing something different and relates to the society and real life. Just like the movie “Frozen” it shows that the female can be strong, brave, protective all the time while the male character are not necessary must be muscular, and the good one. In addition, in “Frozen” it also telling the viewers about life can be a twist just like how Prince Han treats Princess Anna. Therefore, I think it is great to show Disney has taken the responsible to acknowledge the fact to the viewers on what is considered as entertainment, and what is considered as real.

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Who is Journalist ? What Is News ?

Back in those days, journalist is a job that speaks on behalf for the government, organization and public. They are also responsible to report the facts and truth on what’s really going on in the society world.  But, as we already knew there are not much of journalist are actually fight for the right and reporting the truth stories to the public.  It is because most of the mainstream media are under controlled by the government, such as the ownership of New Straits Times Press and Utusan Melayu Press is under control by UMNO while other main component parties the MIC, MCA and BN are also control in Star Publications, Sin Chew Jit Poh and Tamil press accordingly. (Wang,2001)

The government can be known as the gatekeeper in journalism which censoring and filtered before the news has been published out. This happened when it discusses about the political or others sensitive issue. As Ward (2009) did mentioned in the article, journalist should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information. Unfortunately, how many journalists are did that today?  As we can see journalism today has been changed a lots. There’s no longer to deliver any news and any information like the past. They trying to feed us based on what we have to know and not what we need to know. In addition, the writing styles and method of reporting by the journalist are different as well.

As the image below, the controversial headline that been published by Utusan Malaysia in year 2013 right after the two days of the 13th General Election in Malaysia.  The racial statement are showing non-professional site of journalism.Therefore, does it show that journalist today followed by the rules and ethnic? Not really, as I said.

Photo credit: josephinemock.wordpress.com

Furthermore, when the technology and internet has been taken part in our lives it gives problems and challenged to the government as well . Although it was true that government has the power to cover up or filtered some of the news before it published, but the citizen journalism today has become the greatest power. There’s no longer just the profession or traditional journalism has play an important role in journalism. However, citizen journalism is mattering much as well. The internet has open up the field which provide a platform allowed the public to gather and share information, ideas, thoughts or even “news” at anytime and anywhere. Every one of us can be a journalist today, as long as we provide the wide range of juicy news which relevant to the society.

As Luke Goode (2009) has define that citizen journalism is refer to a wide range of web-based practices whereby everyone can engage in journalistic practices. It is using the inexpensive way to reach the people around the world, such as blogging, photo, video sharing and posting eyewitness commentary on current events. Peoples can post whatever “news” to them in anywhere and anytime they want to. The internet is helping us to connecting each other in just few clicks no matter how many miles away. The news has become more transparency when more and more peoples has been viewed it. This is why, more voice can be heard when every one of us are contribute debate, sharing all kind of sources and information that known as “News”.

“Traditional journalism is the outside looking of the news, while citizen journalism is the inside looking of the news.”(Peter Dooley, 2008) Based on this statement, we admitting that citizen journalist is mostly bring up some point which missed out from the news. They might add their own opinion, and criticize what has already published by the professional journalist into their own stories. In addition, they are not professional as traditional journalism who has well trained. But, most of us are still believe it as the credible one. Therefore, this is the reason why once the citizen journalism has become popularized, it’s not only blurs out our mind hardly differentiate which is truth with fact and which is not on the newspaper. However when there’s are many voices out there, it has come to point that confusing us to identify what is the real news and which news has to be trust.

In conclusion, based on my own point of view there’s are both good and bad for emerging in journalism. The good thing was everyone of us are given an golden opportunities to freedom of speech. While the bad thing was how much credibility and facts that citizen journalism is. Yes, it was a good sign for everyone of us to speak out and express what we think freely. But, when there’s more debate going on it might causing a problem as well. The more information and sources we can get, the more we don’t believe on the mainstream media. And, there’s how the newspaper has not important anymore. Therefore, what consume news are actually based on how we see it. It no longer like the past, the news are always NEWS to us.

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ScreenHunter_68 Apr. 17 18.00Image credit : http://www.alexandermcqueen.com/

“How to inform without informing” – I think this statement was strongly well describe about FASHION. When we heard about the word –“Fashion”, you may always think of the hot supermodels, the luxury brand, the movies of “The Devil Wear Prada”, and also the fashion place Milan. No doubt, this example was always linked to each other whenever we discussed about it. So, what is FASHION? From the author Kawamura (2005), stated that fashion is considered as an abstract force whose integral components are novelty and change. It is a group of styles which established or adopted during a particular time or season. However, based on my own point of view “Fashion” is more than just putting the nice clothes, nice dress that we have in the closet. It is a way to showing our creativity to the peoples around. It makes our lives become more creative than usual by improving the taste of fashion when we think about what to getting dressed every day. In addition, Fashion enables us to show our identity. It allows us to express who we are and what we really stand for. It helps to show the true personality to those who don’t know you. It also help to build self confident and showing the good impression to those who we meet. As I can say, we can identify a person based on how he or she wore without a verbal communication. But at the same time, Fashion is an ART to me as well.

How fashion can be turn into an art?

I still remembered the first fashion show that I seen it from YouTube was the Spring/Summer collection by Alexander McQueen. It totally inspired me although it just 14 minutes short video. For me, Alexander McQueen is not just a well known fashion designer who already being recognized by all the peoples around the world but he also a talented artist as well. The every pieces of his collection is an art piece. He is the one of the designer that caught my eyes on his collection. Each of the fashion show from Alexander McQueen is totally give me a lot of thoughts. I am so curious and wondering what is the “fashion world” that he has on mind. Unfortunately, we have no longer to see more creative work from him anymore. He has passed away on age 40. (Gilin, 2010) Well, for me and you might think this happen is not a big deal, but it mean a lot for those who in fashion.

By looking each of the fashion show from his collection, it was giving a powerful message to the audience. He communicates through his clothing and of cause the theme and setting of the stage as well. Each of the fashion show are having different concept and message that Alexander McQueen want the public knows about.  By explaining the first video that I seen from his collection –Voss (Spring / Summer 2001) it totally amazed me. I have never seen and expected to have this kind of fashion show. It is creepy and weird but it’s very artistic as I can say. I guess this is why Alexander McQueen is so unique that we can clearly differentiate by comparing him and others fashion designers.

Catwalking.comVOSS Collection by Alexander McQueen S/S 2001,  Image credit :www.catwalking.com

The fashion show “Voss” was giving out a concept of upending conventional ideals of beauty. The show was purposely late for 1 hour just to force the audience and the media looking themselves at the mirror and feel awkwardness (Reflection). It shows the set of the mental hospital and with the pale looking model. Besides, this stage has a two way mirrored box which the model inside the box can’t see the audience but they can see their own reflection. This is why most of the model are perfectly in the character (as patient) when walking in to the stage. Some are dancing freely, some stuck their face at the mirror, and some are tearing their clothes. (Lindgren, 2011)

MCQUEEN_SS01_FINA_0035   Image credit :www.gainsburyandwhiting.com

Furthermore, this image above is what happens at the end of the fashion show. The black box was open slowly and crash down. It shows a plump naked women with a breathing tube, masked face and surrounded by flying moths.  This set was actually inspired by a photograph from Joel Peter Witkin called “Sanitarium” . (Knox, 2010) With this, Alexander McQueen wanted the audience have a mindset of understanding what beauty is. In the society today, most of the individuals treat plump women as NOT BEAUTIFUL. Therefore, in this fashion show he wanted to send out a message to the audience by understanding and find the “beauty” which most of us not considered as.

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” –Alexander McQueen

In conclusion, FASHION is one of important part in our lives that we can’t live without. It influences our lifestyles, our trend, gain our interest and demand as well as the way how we perceived thing. Although fashion is constantly changing season by season but just take a look at the surrounding, everything changed because of Fashion. Even though media that we have today are highly influenced as well for example, television program such as “Fashion Police”, newspaper, magazines and others. So, what is Fashion mean to you?

Picture of “Voss” Fashion Show :

tumblr_m9u61tNygW1qj7piio1_1280Image credit :www.style.time.com

mcqueen_page99_top Image credit :www.style.time.com

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