Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta

"Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta" Image credit : www.madman.com.au

“Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta” Image credit : http://www.madman.com.au

In this week blog post, I mainly discussed about the key things that I found interesting in this documentary film “Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta” which directed by Sue Clothier and Craig Grahman. It is a documentary that shows the untold story of how Vietnamese community overcomes the unfamiliar place. This is an interesting documentary film that shows what actually happen in Cabramatta. It showing the real stories and the challenges that Vietnamese has been thru when living in Cabramatta. Besides, the racism, poverty, family dysfunction and crime are kindly presented in this documentary as well.  (Alstin, 2012)

Refugees from Vietnam . Image credit : http://www.couriermail.com.au


Customs Officer Frank Dalton holding a Vietnamese refugee child. Image credit : http://www.migrationheritage.nsw.gov.au

From this documentary, we clearly understand the Vietnamese has escaped their home country by boats during the Vietnam War. Because of the communist has take over and control the whole Vietnam, therefore many people are decide to leave the country. In 1970s, many Vietnamese become a refugees who came all the way illegally. As we all knew that, no one wanted to be a refugee unless there are only a chance to survive and life better. It is because refugees is a group of person who don’t know what are the challenge and risk that waiting for them to face it. Their destiny is a life-death decision. They can’t control their own life because everything is controlled by the others who have more power and decide who and what they going to be. Basically, refugees are mainly relying on the sympathy of the country that provides them an opportunity to live.  This is why, as it explained in the video by Hien Le- Vice President of Vietnamese Community in Australia, we clearly understand that this is the biggest history for the Vietnamese to make such decision.

 The Vietnamese choose to live in Australia because it was so different compared to their country. They bring high hopes because they believe Australia is amazing place that helps their children has a better life and bright future. The Vietnamese parents are willing to do and work even harder just to make sure their children are live happily. However, this doesn’t seem happen because of multiculturalism. The Australia believed that different culture can live side by side, but it actually not. The consequence of multiculturalism has causing trouble from a clean country turn into darkness. The Vietnamese seem unimaginable the hopes has destroy.

Tony from "Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta" Image credit : www.madman.com.au

Tony from “Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta”
Image credit : http://www.madman.com.au

From this documentary, it clearly shows that the peer pressure and the different culture are the main reason for having this issue happen. For example in the case from Tony –one of the responses who born and lived in Australia, he mentioned that he feel frustrated when he couldn’t share his happiness and sadness to his family because of language barrier. Tony can speak fluent in English but not the Vietnamese. In addition, the Vietnamese parents are working hard for their job and will never around with their children. The Vietnam kids are not growth up like the normal living which always has the parents with them whenever their needs. This is the reason why, the kids are getting involved with the criminal –drugs and violence.

“The drug are divided the family…”

5T gang – it is a criminal gang in the Vietnamese community which heavily involved in crime. The media in Australia has portrayed 5T as those teenagers from broken home and without parents. But the real meaning behind 5T is all about a group of young age peoples without true love from the family. This group of peoples has started to make attention to the people around in Australia. They joined up with the other gang to sell drugs in all around the place. Besides, this Vietnamese groups were also involved in murder, robbery and gambling as well.

With those temptations and the greed, the youngster started to change and deal for drugs. It is because selling drugs can make money easy which they think it can lead them having future. But for their parents this makes them feel pain and regret. The bright future of their children is totally ruined up because of drugs. They don’t want to see their own child has doing all the bad things.  The Vietnamese parents looking many ways just want to make their child turn clean. It is because they want their children has a better life in future, and not to having the same experience and the past as they have.

In conclusion, form my understanding in this documentary, I’m pretty sure many people including me and you might thinking those refugees who has the opportunity to live in others country is always the nice thing for them. But after watching all the three parts of this documentary, it proves that not all the refugees are lucky one who doesn’t need to be worry about the future.

 In this documentary, we understand the problem of multicultural is getting serious and given an unexpected consequences to the Vietnamese. Because dealing with different culture, it causes a big problem not only for the Vietnamese but the Australian as well. The Vietnamese was trying adapting themselves in the Australia culture, because they wanted to be one to be a part of the country and just to be equal as anybody else. They want to live in Australia without thinking to going back. Because of the lack of communication and the racism in the country, it makes the Vietnamese treat unequally. And, there’s how the criminal issue has become increase.

We clearly understand, many refugees left their home country to another because of the economic reason. But some of the Vietnamese are actually seeking for the better life especially for their children and kids. But, it deeply failed for them to achieve this. Everything seems different to them. The children are starting to involved crime, drugs and others bad things. And, this is not what the Vietnamese parent’s wanted.

From this, we clearly understand most of the media are quickly to portray the refugees are doing the bad thing. The media untold us the truth stories behind. From this documentary, I am so glad the Vietnamese can be spoken up for their right, telling the truth and what are the actual things that have been involved in Cabramatta. Although it is a sad case to be happen, but they don’t feel angry, complaint and blame anyone. But from the explaining and the sharing of the stories, I can feel how disappointment and hard life for the Vietnamese. I learnt a lot from this documentary. I understand the difficulties for the refugees to live in a new place.

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