Who is Journalist ? What Is News ?

Back in those days, journalist is a job that speaks on behalf for the government, organization and public. They are also responsible to report the facts and truth on what’s really going on in the society world.  But, as we already knew there are not much of journalist are actually fight for the right and reporting the truth stories to the public.  It is because most of the mainstream media are under controlled by the government, such as the ownership of New Straits Times Press and Utusan Melayu Press is under control by UMNO while other main component parties the MIC, MCA and BN are also control in Star Publications, Sin Chew Jit Poh and Tamil press accordingly. (Wang,2001)

The government can be known as the gatekeeper in journalism which censoring and filtered before the news has been published out. This happened when it discusses about the political or others sensitive issue. As Ward (2009) did mentioned in the article, journalist should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information. Unfortunately, how many journalists are did that today?  As we can see journalism today has been changed a lots. There’s no longer to deliver any news and any information like the past. They trying to feed us based on what we have to know and not what we need to know. In addition, the writing styles and method of reporting by the journalist are different as well.

As the image below, the controversial headline that been published by Utusan Malaysia in year 2013 right after the two days of the 13th General Election in Malaysia.  The racial statement are showing non-professional site of journalism.Therefore, does it show that journalist today followed by the rules and ethnic? Not really, as I said.

Photo credit: josephinemock.wordpress.com

Furthermore, when the technology and internet has been taken part in our lives it gives problems and challenged to the government as well . Although it was true that government has the power to cover up or filtered some of the news before it published, but the citizen journalism today has become the greatest power. There’s no longer just the profession or traditional journalism has play an important role in journalism. However, citizen journalism is mattering much as well. The internet has open up the field which provide a platform allowed the public to gather and share information, ideas, thoughts or even “news” at anytime and anywhere. Every one of us can be a journalist today, as long as we provide the wide range of juicy news which relevant to the society.

As Luke Goode (2009) has define that citizen journalism is refer to a wide range of web-based practices whereby everyone can engage in journalistic practices. It is using the inexpensive way to reach the people around the world, such as blogging, photo, video sharing and posting eyewitness commentary on current events. Peoples can post whatever “news” to them in anywhere and anytime they want to. The internet is helping us to connecting each other in just few clicks no matter how many miles away. The news has become more transparency when more and more peoples has been viewed it. This is why, more voice can be heard when every one of us are contribute debate, sharing all kind of sources and information that known as “News”.

“Traditional journalism is the outside looking of the news, while citizen journalism is the inside looking of the news.”(Peter Dooley, 2008) Based on this statement, we admitting that citizen journalist is mostly bring up some point which missed out from the news. They might add their own opinion, and criticize what has already published by the professional journalist into their own stories. In addition, they are not professional as traditional journalism who has well trained. But, most of us are still believe it as the credible one. Therefore, this is the reason why once the citizen journalism has become popularized, it’s not only blurs out our mind hardly differentiate which is truth with fact and which is not on the newspaper. However when there’s are many voices out there, it has come to point that confusing us to identify what is the real news and which news has to be trust.

In conclusion, based on my own point of view there’s are both good and bad for emerging in journalism. The good thing was everyone of us are given an golden opportunities to freedom of speech. While the bad thing was how much credibility and facts that citizen journalism is. Yes, it was a good sign for everyone of us to speak out and express what we think freely. But, when there’s more debate going on it might causing a problem as well. The more information and sources we can get, the more we don’t believe on the mainstream media. And, there’s how the newspaper has not important anymore. Therefore, what consume news are actually based on how we see it. It no longer like the past, the news are always NEWS to us.

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