Asylum Seekers

To be honest, the issue of asylum seekers is getting serious and highly topical in everywhere around the world.  As you can seen in our country –Malaysia, there are many asylum seekers and refugees that can be found in everywhere around the corner. Somehow, we may surprise is this the country where we live. It is because the “foreigner” who came all the way from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and etc are always surrounding all of us. This is one of the reasons why; the tourists who visit Malaysia might feel surprise and shock because they can’t differentiate who is the Malaysian and who are not.

So what is the meaning of asylum seekers?

Based on my own understanding, asylum seekers refer to those who escape and move across the borders from their home country to others places whether they arrive by boats, plane, or others illegal immigrant. They are the person who fled their own country where the actual place they belong to and search of protection. They are the peoples who arrive and live in a country without any appropriate documents, visas and passport. These groups of peoples are actually arrive illegally to a country, and held in detention whenever they were being caught by the police.

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In the SBS and Cordell Jigsaw Productions, it was a television documentary shows named “Go back to where you come from” which hosted by David Corlett and together with the six brave Australians. The six Australians are turning themselves and experience as asylum seekers who has no identity, passport, wallets, phones, and official protection from the government. They need to seek for survive and safety from their own. They experience immigration raids in Malaysia, Kenya and Iraq. (Song,2013)  By after watching one of the episodes from this program in the first series, it totally amazed me a lot. It changed my view about asylum seekers. This is a brilliant piece that was surprising me all the time. Although it might be uncomfortable to everyone because it showing how cruel and challenge in the real situation, but in this program it raises questions of morality and illegality.

In this short video clips above, this is the crueler thing that I seen it happen in Malaysia. This video is making me so upset and feels pity to the asylum seekers. Although I am Malaysian, but the way the policeman treat the asylum seeker is so wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I was not trying to say it was not right to do that. But this is the most heartbreak moments whenever I watching It again and again.

As we all knew the fact that, the way media that reporting on this issue are the key influence us the way we look them differently. But, no matter how kindly we are the value of stereotyping and racist are still causing us to perceive them in different way. It is because the media and the government are characterizing them in false beliefs. Most of the people believe they are dishonest, and the one always under crime issue. But, is this truth? Why they came in to other country?
This is the tough questions, with no answer.

In my opinion, in law they are the person with no rights and seriously need to be punish because of the illegally sneak in to others country. But are they the one who deserve to be treated as this? As one of the response from “Go back to where you come from”, he stated that the asylum seeker that being caught by the Malaysia policeman has beaten them hardly and treat them like no one. Based on this, we understand the darkness of asylum seekers.

Well, every one of us has our own family and friends. We have our own reason to survive and live better. It same goes to the asylum seekers as well. The main reason for them to decide to be asylum seekers is not easy but because of the money they are willing to live in an unfamiliar country without family and friends. They just to want make sure the money they earn can help their family members are not in danger and live better. They sacrifice themselves for living in their country and take risk all the way here. They also are willing to work in low pay because this is the golden opportunity for them to earn more money.

By discuss in this situation, for me the both parties – government and asylum seeker are done wrong. The government should not open the gate and allowed them to work in our country. If really do, I think everyone of us including me and you should not threaten them differently. We should not look down on them because of who they are. Although everyone of us are live in different background, but we should appreciate what they do for us. Look at the positive side, the tall buildings are mainly built by the asylum seekers. They are the one who more hardworking than us although their pay is lower than us. But, without having them I’m sure there’s no one willing to work for it. Therefore, how we perceived this issue is based on the attitude and behavior that we have. We should always have our own judgment to differentiate what’s right and wrong.

Lastly, I want to share one of the project that did from Coca-Cola Singapore which showing how they appreciate the workforce from the workers.

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