Hello Everyone !

Thank You So Much for reading my blog.Let’s start to introduce myself and telling you more about the purpose of writing this blog.

My name is Vivien Lee. I have born and live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Besides, I grow with natural curly hair *Thanks mom* this is why my hair look frizzy and messy all the time.

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Previously I am having my Diploma in Advertising and graduated from Institute Advertising Communication Technology (IACT College) . Once I graduated, I decided to have further studies which become who am I right now. I making a right decision on choosing INTI / University Of Wollonggong as at my first placed. Currently, I am a final year student who pursuing for a Bachelor Degree of Communication & Media Studies, majoring in Marketing Communication and Advertising.

“Never, never, never give up. “

I’m totally agree on the statement above.

For your information, i’m not the kind of girl who can speak and write really well as comparing to others who did it really perfect. But I do try my best to work hard no matter what. On this semester, I was assigned to start blogging in weekly just to express and shared the though and ideas on what have been learnt in BCM 310 class. If you’d asked me is there any problem since this is my second time doing the same thing (blogging) in the previous subject BCM 210. I can definitely said YES !

Especially the most challenging part was struggle with the ideas. Each of the lecturer topic is board, this is why we have to brainstorm  ideas and discuss in the different angles all the time. Well, although it was so difficult in the beginning but the effort of doing this is actually giving me so much fun. #throwbackmemories that what I have did for BCM210 was a valuable experience for me. During the process it was actually encouraging and giving me a better understand. So, no matter how hard it gonna to be I guess this is a space where I can use my own word to express and share the ideas based on my own point of view.

So… hopefully the upcoming blog post can gain your interest .

Thank You .

…To be continue .. 

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