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“How to inform without informing” – I think this statement was strongly well describe about FASHION. When we heard about the word –“Fashion”, you may always think of the hot supermodels, the luxury brand, the movies of “The Devil Wear Prada”, and also the fashion place Milan. No doubt, this example was always linked to each other whenever we discussed about it. So, what is FASHION? From the author Kawamura (2005), stated that fashion is considered as an abstract force whose integral components are novelty and change. It is a group of styles which established or adopted during a particular time or season. However, based on my own point of view “Fashion” is more than just putting the nice clothes, nice dress that we have in the closet. It is a way to showing our creativity to the peoples around. It makes our lives become more creative than usual by improving the taste of fashion when we think about what to getting dressed every day. In addition, Fashion enables us to show our identity. It allows us to express who we are and what we really stand for. It helps to show the true personality to those who don’t know you. It also help to build self confident and showing the good impression to those who we meet. As I can say, we can identify a person based on how he or she wore without a verbal communication. But at the same time, Fashion is an ART to me as well.

How fashion can be turn into an art?

I still remembered the first fashion show that I seen it from YouTube was the Spring/Summer collection by Alexander McQueen. It totally inspired me although it just 14 minutes short video. For me, Alexander McQueen is not just a well known fashion designer who already being recognized by all the peoples around the world but he also a talented artist as well. The every pieces of his collection is an art piece. He is the one of the designer that caught my eyes on his collection. Each of the fashion show from Alexander McQueen is totally give me a lot of thoughts. I am so curious and wondering what is the “fashion world” that he has on mind. Unfortunately, we have no longer to see more creative work from him anymore. He has passed away on age 40. (Gilin, 2010) Well, for me and you might think this happen is not a big deal, but it mean a lot for those who in fashion.

By looking each of the fashion show from his collection, it was giving a powerful message to the audience. He communicates through his clothing and of cause the theme and setting of the stage as well. Each of the fashion show are having different concept and message that Alexander McQueen want the public knows about.  By explaining the first video that I seen from his collection –Voss (Spring / Summer 2001) it totally amazed me. I have never seen and expected to have this kind of fashion show. It is creepy and weird but it’s very artistic as I can say. I guess this is why Alexander McQueen is so unique that we can clearly differentiate by comparing him and others fashion designers.

Catwalking.comVOSS Collection by Alexander McQueen S/S 2001,  Image credit

The fashion show “Voss” was giving out a concept of upending conventional ideals of beauty. The show was purposely late for 1 hour just to force the audience and the media looking themselves at the mirror and feel awkwardness (Reflection). It shows the set of the mental hospital and with the pale looking model. Besides, this stage has a two way mirrored box which the model inside the box can’t see the audience but they can see their own reflection. This is why most of the model are perfectly in the character (as patient) when walking in to the stage. Some are dancing freely, some stuck their face at the mirror, and some are tearing their clothes. (Lindgren, 2011)

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Furthermore, this image above is what happens at the end of the fashion show. The black box was open slowly and crash down. It shows a plump naked women with a breathing tube, masked face and surrounded by flying moths.  This set was actually inspired by a photograph from Joel Peter Witkin called “Sanitarium” . (Knox, 2010) With this, Alexander McQueen wanted the audience have a mindset of understanding what beauty is. In the society today, most of the individuals treat plump women as NOT BEAUTIFUL. Therefore, in this fashion show he wanted to send out a message to the audience by understanding and find the “beauty” which most of us not considered as.

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” –Alexander McQueen

In conclusion, FASHION is one of important part in our lives that we can’t live without. It influences our lifestyles, our trend, gain our interest and demand as well as the way how we perceived thing. Although fashion is constantly changing season by season but just take a look at the surrounding, everything changed because of Fashion. Even though media that we have today are highly influenced as well for example, television program such as “Fashion Police”, newspaper, magazines and others. So, what is Fashion mean to you?

Picture of “Voss” Fashion Show :

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