12 Years a Slave

In this week’s topic, it was so interesting to discuss and understand about what are the people’s perceptions on different races. Besides that, it also given a clearly understand how the community being represented. Because of this is a sensitive topic to be further discuss, at here I need to declare that what has been posted or mentioned below was based on my own point of views and thoughts, there’s no offensive. So, let’s start off the topic today –“Race, Ethnicity and the Media”.


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I just finished “12 Years of Slave” –the movies that based on true story that showing Solomon Northup a free man who kidnapped and sold into slavery. This is one of the eye-opening movie that I watched so far, it allows me deeply understand and feel the cruelty side of slave trade. To be honest, by watching the first ten minutes from the movie I feel so sad and disappointed to see what’s really happen in the past. From this movie, it was really touched my heart deep inside. The strong and realistic scenes that showing in the movie was totally amazed and inspired me, it makes me felt so real like I was the one who be involved. Besides that, this movie was also given me a great lesson to understand how serious of the inequality between white peoples and black people in the back then. It shows that the white peoples are more superior compare to the black people. They believe the black peoples are born to be slave and they has the right to be treated them harshly.


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“If you want to survive, do and say as little as possible. Tell no one who really are and tell no one that you can read and write. Unless you want to be a dead nigger.” –Clemens ( one of the slave) tells Solomon Northup. Based on this conversation, it prove that those who being sold into slavery has no right to stand up for themselves. The way to survive is just keep the head down and do as much as possible, and speak at least as possible. The responsible for them is just doing whatever the instruction from the owner without any complaint.

Furthermore, in this movie it also is showing the painful, sufferings and torturing that happen for the slave. The most memorable part that I have seen in this movie is when the black peoples has dragged in chains and beating hardly until they are bleeding. Besides, Solomon Northup hung from a tree by the white peoples is the most shock me as well. From this scene, you can clearly found out there’s no one willing to give a hand and helps him out although they having the same race and skin colour as well. Solomon Northup’s toes barely touching the ground helps to keep him alive. From this scene, the struggle helpless is so uncomfortable to be seen.  I understand that the white peoples are incredibly powerful in the back then, there’s no one dares to mess around with.



Image credit : http://www.moviehdwallpapers.com/

On the other hand, this movie also showing the darkness side of slave women. The slave woman has high risk of facing for rape and sexual abuse. The white men have taken advantage of the slave women. Just like what has been shown in the movie, Patsey one of the slave eventually raped by the Edwin Epps. In addition, the behalf of Edwin Epps –Mistress Epps is one of the evilness that beats Patsey because she is the one that her husband’s wandering eye and obsessed with. From this movie, it shows the despicable actions from Mistress Epps treating Patsey she throwing the glass, scratches Patsey’s face, and asking Edwin Epps to whippings her until she seen blood from the body. Based on this action, it understand not only the racism can be affected the people’s behavior of treating the others race, but the jealousy can be affected and makes them behave in this actions as well.

Well, from this movie it shows the shocking reality of what black peoples has went through in the past. Although the truth is ugly to know about how suffer and what has really happen in the slave trade, but this movie was education the viewers as well. After watching this movie, I have a deep thought on it. Although I am not one of the race has been describe in this movie, but I’m pretty sure it has the same history in every country as well.

By looking at the surrounding today, we already knew about racism is the serious issue, but non one of us has actually take part and be responsible to solve it. Racism getting worse and serious is because the human being. As Glasgow (2009) did mentioned stereotypes are one of the major reason cause individual have racist behavior. Stereotypes can be happen to anyone of us when we dealing with others group of peoples. It is a view from an individual who give wrong judgment and placing people into categories. (Mooij, 2005)  And this is how racism begins to happen. From the movie that I mentioned above, the white people has judge the black people and fixed them born to be slave. This action and mind thinking are so wrong to be happening.  Because of this, the attitudes and stereotypes that surrounded is still pervade in our society today. So, by solving this problem we have to treat everyone equally, understand each other’s race and culture behavior. Therefore, that’s how everyone of us in different race can live in harmony.


Glasgow, J, 2009, ‘Racism as Disrespect. Journal of Ethics’, accessed 17/5/20174, http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/648588

Mooji, M.D. , 2005, ‘Global marketing and Advertising: Understanding Cultural Paradoxes’, United States: SAGE Publication, vol.2.

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